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I  Love Helping People Achieve Success!

First off, I love to help people achieve success.  It makes me smile.  I have a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan.  Also, I have a Law degree from St. Louis University.  Throughout all my education, practicing law, and setting up several highly successful businesses from scratch, my true passion is seeing people and helping people achieve the success they want and need in life.

I have witnessed many very intelligent people who are stuck in a place, a dead end job, an unhappy marriage, or a bad situation. They are so accustomed to being in that situation that they cannot see their way through the maze to get to a better place.  This is where I come in.  I will work with you, listen to you, guide you, be your partner through the adventure we call life.    

Sometimes you need to talk to somebody, that is outside of your typical circle of friends.  Sometimes you need someone with unbiased ears.  You need somebody who hears what you want and listens with an open heart and open ears.  I stress that I listen with open ears because many people hear you but they aren't truly listening.  You will have that with me. 

My coaching sessions are an investment of time, energy, commitment, and acceptance of goal oriented assignments toward your business, life project, and growth.  This is the first step toward taking responsibility in your future goals, business or life.  Your accomplishment of these goals will have a direct affect on the future quality of your life and those who depend on you.  We start by creating an action plan that lays out steps to follow to achieve a level of productivity.

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